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Simple software tools to help you sell to customers, organize information,
communicate with others and collaborate on projects.
Project management & collaboration
Collaborate with your team and clients.
Schedules, tasks, files, messages, and more.
Our flagship product!
Create Forms & collect results
No programming experience needed.
Publishonline forms or surveys and gather information within minutes.
Our flagship product!
From print to digital in minutes
Transform your print publication into more
appealing interactive online publication.
1 Million Served!
Manage Email Marketing Programs
send an email newsletters, a high-impact email promotions, an email event invitations, an online surveys, or just about anything you need!
1 Million Served!
Proof approval made easy online
Manage review and approval of designs,
artwork and documents completely online.
Our flagship product!
Proof approval made easy online
Manage review and approval of designs,
artwork and documents completely online.
Our flagship product!
It’s not often, but once in a while, you get your hands on something special. Software It’s not often, but once in a while, you get your hands on something special. Software

John Simpson
V.P. IT Services
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"Central Desktop's Service Eases Collaboration"
Phil Hippensteel, InformationWeek - November 2008  
Get more work done with less e-mail
James E. Gaskin, The New York Times - October 2008  
"CentralDesktop has a tool that helps keep it all organized"
Sam Diaz, ZDNet - September 2008
"You can get a whole project management environment in Central Desktop"
Dan Woods, Forbes - July 2008  
Manage People, Time, Tasks
Connect Global Teams
Find and Share files 2x Faster
Fast. Get Started in Minutes
Accessible Anywhere Anytime
Secure. Web-Based Software
With OfficeBrain you create virtual workspaces called Hubs
to share information, documents, and files more easily. You can choose from the many OfficeBrain "widgets" to help you
organize and manage your projects. Your team benefit from
having information in a central location so they can work
smarter be more productive than ever.
group calendars wiki intranets project management
forums group discussions project collaboration task
management web conferencing search
online spreadsheets audio conferencing extranets iCal enabled
  Just a Few Highlights File Libraries Calenders Customizable Styles Notifications
  Task List Team Discussion Secure & Public Sharing 24/7 Access
From Our Blog
Onehub Customer Story and Feature Spotlight
November 19, 2008  
Written by Laurel Moudy  
Turnstyle is a Seattle, WA based graphic design company that uses design as a tool to forge emotional relationships between customers and brands for their clients – which include Microsoft, Nordstrom, Dry Soda Co. and many more. As a graphic design firm, the Turnstyle team produces thousands of large documents (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc). Turnstyle needs to share these files with vendors, clients and other marketing agencies that they partner with on a regular basis. Turnstyle knew that a custom extranet was the answer.
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How To Setup a Client Extranet with Onehub
October 21, 2008
Written by Charles Mount
Almost every company has a website. Spending time and money to build your brand online is a no-brainer for any market.
Learn how to use the Calendar Widget
October 08, 2008
Written by Brandon Caplan
Need to keep everyone on your team up to date on upcoming events and milestones? Add the Calendar Widget to your Hub....
Office Brain LLC Features Look Closer Support
The tean at Office Brain ispassionate about
collaboration. We've all worked in industries where collaboration and collaboration tools are must haves. We've suffered through
using email attachements and trying to build custome extranets to collaborate outside our network. Fed-up and frustrated. we decided to do something about it- build Office Brain!
Office Brain is a feature-rich web application. Explore the links below to discover how Office Brain can take your business to the next level of productivity. Watch these short videos to quickly get started with Office Brain or to learnmore about the advanced features. Dim the lights and turn up your sound. Have a question or problem you can find answeres in our FAQ and on our Forum - or contact us sow we can can help.
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